My favorite season

The funky leaf

I love the fall. It’s so beautiful!
I actually like the four seasons. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Japan which has four seasons. Each season has its own beauty and teaches me something.

In the fall, I really appreciate that I can see such beautiful colors which are created by nature. Of course humans can create beautiful things, but it’s no comparison with natural beauty.

We are living on the planet earth. We have only one mother earth.
We have to treat her well and thank her everyday.
If we don’t, we all are going to get punished.

Dispose of trash properly. (Especially when I hike in the mountains and Grand Canyon)
Save energy. (Turn off and unplug when I don’t use something)

What are you doing for mother earth??

2 thoughts on “My favorite season

  1. What a beautiful leaf! I love it!
    SInce Runa learned the idea, “treating mother earth” at preschool, she’s been picking trash up whenever she finds. ( I really miss the preschool!!) Now she starts thinking more about that at “student council” at school, and tells me what they are trying. And now we realized it is rare to find a tabacco trash on a road, Here is much cleaner than Japan! Don’t you think?? Maybe in big cities, like NYC, we may find trash as much as Japan? Anyway I am glad to live here with lots of nature, and want to keep it clean ^^)

    • Yoriko- I love that Runa is learning those kind of things in the school. When I run around my house, I see some trash like cigarette butt, cigarette box, soda and beer cans, and so on unfortunately. I think those people who throw the trash away on the road from their cars should go back to a preschool and learn again!!! Luckily my neighbors and I pick up the trash on the road when we exercise, so the road looks still beautiful. I love living here, too!!!

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