I am in the music video!

Recently students in Ohio contacted me through mixi which is a Japanese social media site and told me that they want to make a music video. They needed people from each of the 50 states in the US. They asked if I would represent Maryland.

The idea was that each of us would sing a little part and they would turn it into one music video. This song actually originated in Japan and is called “I Love You & I Need You, Fukushima.” It was released  after the Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami on 3/11/2011.

In the new version (released 3/11/2012 which is one year later) we are singing “I love you, Nippon ( =Japan)” and wanted to tell people that we love Japan and care about Japan from the US.

I was in Colorado when I recorded my part, but I tried to make it look like Maryland, so my family helped me. We are around 1:26.

The original music video has 1.5 million views and was created by 47 people from each prefecture (state) in Japan. Hopefully this one will go viral as well.

Please check it out! and please remember that Eastern Japan and especially the Fukushima area are still struggling.