I started using Yoko for massage therapy several years ago, in connection with sports-related soreness (bicycling). I was particularly looking for therapy that involved deep tissue massage as well as stretching. Yoko is by far the best therapist I have had in that area. While she can deliver a simple relaxing massage for those that wish, she excels at doing the difficult job of getting at the root of my pain issues. Yoko is very skilled at finding where the problem is and providing relief. I believe that the massage therapy I receive from Yoko contributes to my quality of life and I thoroughly recommend her.

Gary R., Baltimore, MD

I moved to Frederick for work and I was looking for a place where traditional Thai Massage is provided. This was a daunting task since it seemed nearly impossible to find such a place in Maryland. One day I found the website of Yoko Okamoto promoting massage therapy with a special emphasis on Thai Massage.

After speaking with her on the phone I found out that her place is 55 miles away from where I live. Despite the large distance I decided to give it a try. It was wonderful and well worth the long drive. Since then I go back there frequently to get relaxed and rejuvenated.

Yoko is an exceptionally skilled and talented massage therapist. She is very calm, spiritual, knowledgeable, wise and professional. You feel immediately at ease with her and trust her good and positive energy.

I go to massage therapy since twenty years and I can honestly tell that it is very rare to find such an excellent massage therapist. If you go for Thai Massage or just simply for a regular Swedish Massage you feel her dedication and passion with every movement of her healing hands and every element of her treatment feels great and is truly enjoyable.

I am so grateful that I was able to find and get to know Yoko. After each session I feel rewarded for many days through this wonderful and deeply satisfying experience. I will remember her loving kindness and these truly wonderful and unique treatments for a long time. I highly recommend Yoko’s massage therapy to everyone who is interested to stay healthy and young.
Thank you, Yoko, you are a blessing to my health and to my life.

Pius B., Frederick, MD

Yoko is one amazing massage therapist.  About 3 years ago, my spine specialist recommended that I get some deep tissue massage for tingling that I was having down my right arm.  I stumbled across Yoko and I am glad I did.  After about 4 1-hour sessions the tingling was gone.

I have numerous physical problems and no matter what I throw at Yoko, she researches it and seems to know exactly what is needed.  I have no axillary nerve and Yoko keeps my shoulder and arm flexible and supple.

I’ve come to her with hip bursitis, lymphedema, and just plain stress from sitting at the computer for too long.  You name it, she tackles it.  She likes a challenge, but she also deals with the tension and knots in my shoulders and neck like a pro.  I feel great when I leave my massage sessions.  She elongates my spine.

She is courteous, and always respects your privacy.  I am so happy I found Yoko.  As I said, she is one amazing massage therapist.

Theresa, Timonium, MD

I’m almost 70 and I’ve never had a massage until June 2010 shortly after a century long bicycle ride that left me tight and sore. My wife, with many physical issues of her own has been going to Yoko for several years, told me to go for a massage, it will do you good. So I did. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to find that my entire body was relieved of the stress from the ride and I felt totally relaxed after the massage. Afterwards I said that I would be back from time to time, but as one gets older time has a way of getting away from us.

However, as fate would have it, in the spring of 2011 I injured my right shoulder and neck and had severe pain for days. So back to Yoko I went for about 5 or 6 sessions with focus on the injured area. She relieved the pain and stress completely. I was amazed.

Although Yoko loves the challenge of an injury or problem you don’t need an excuse to get a massage, just treat your body to a session with Yoko in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. For an hour you can forget your troubles of the day. I will, because I’m worth it and so are you.

Richard, Timonium, MD

I was fortunate to come across Yoko’s massage ad in a local newspaper 4 years ago and I have scheduled massages regularly since then.  Immediately I became aware how different she is from other massage therapists.  Yoko reacts to what she feels in my body.  Each massage is very different, based on where the tension is that day.  She pulls, stretches, and rubs back/neck/shoulders/arms/legs as needed, combining Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, and other massage therapies releasing all the stress from my body.  I arrive to the massage achy and stressed, but after the hour and a half my body is relaxed and at peace.  I have recommended Yoko  to friends who agree she is amazing.

D. Little, Owings Mills, MD

I have been regularly visiting Yoko for several years for massage.  Being in a high stress occupation like law, I have found regular massage to be a tremendous health benefit.  Since visiting Yoko, my muscles are not knotted all the time, I feel much more relaxed, and much of the stress induced problems such as headaches have disappeared.  Especially with combined with regular exercise, it has been of great benefit in taking care of my overall health.  I highly recommend Yoko to all of my friends and clients.

B.D., Reisterstown, Maryland


Fabulous massage today.  You have a gift for it with your healing hands.
Beth, Owings Mills, MD


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